Food chain


She always dreaded this moment. She knew she had to trust her instincts, but letting go was tough. And this was not her usual territory.

Just in time, she felt her body take over. The change flowed through her, like pond ripples, caressing her into grey invisibility.

There was a chill as the monster hovered above her, its body drifting on air, blocking the sun, then a swoop and snap and it lifted off again, disappearing with a poor, drooping creature scissored in its beak.

A moment to refocus, then she continued, creeping soundlessly towards a plump, fluttering thing. Lunch.  unidentifiable-on-a-stick


This is another idea prompted by the photo shown here, courtesy of Kent Bonham. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers, where weekly picture postings inspire a wealth of varied and intriguing stories.

I’ve picked up on the way the grey of the thing, whatever it is, echoes the colour of the background.  See the following links for some great pictures and fascinating information about the wondrous process of camouflage in the animal world.

2 thoughts on “Food chain

    • Instinct. It’s all instinct. Actually I have a husband and a grandson who can instantly recover from any kind of emotional crisis if food is available. Amazing to watch. Thanks for reading and for your response.

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