Denis listened impatiently to the woman’s droning voice. Finally she was silenced, and he heard only the faint metallic staccato of Carol’s preparations, and his breath’s gentle susurration as he leaned over the woman’s supine figure.

Then Carol moved to stand beside him and the tempo of his breathing accelerated. Was there an echo in hers?

He lingered in this anticipated moment: the harmony of their breathing, her closeness – her readiness. A warm, tremulous glissando vibrated through him. He murmured the cue she was waiting for: ‘Suction.’

Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

In his head a symphony exploded, drowning out the screaming of his drill.


This story is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted kindly by Rochelle, who also provided this latest photo prompt.  Each week writers submit flash fiction of 100 words in response to the given picture.

24 thoughts on “Passionato

  1. Hah! I loved this, especially when I realized you were writing about a dentist – fantastic idea. (One minor point – you say the woman – the patient – is ‘prone’, but this means lying face down. I think you mean supine.)


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Claire. I travelled a very circuitous route to the final form of this piece, and sometimes, with only 100 words to work with, there are traces of an original idea that end up out of place in the final version. And thank you for pointing out the word issue. I’m going to change it to supine immediately. I like that much more.


  2. I also, like draliman above, thought it was going to be a very bloody ending…of the fatal sort. I liked the twist on the imagery and the arrogance of the dentist in ‘listening impatiently to the woman’s droning voice.’ And to Claire, I think prone can either mean facedown or just lying down. But supine would work too.


    • Dentists have been on my mind (and in my mouth) just recently. As a dental coward of many years’ standing, I struggled with competing urges when I created this one. I appreciate your comments on my imagery and the dentist’s character, and your viewpoint on the word ‘prone’. As I mentioned to Claire, I’m fixing it. Thanks for your comment.

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