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Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

Time Guardian Anna Jones knew the protocols: ‘They must never see you. Your task is to observe and document the past.’

She’d begged for this assignment, knowing the risks. Concealed behind tinted permaglass, she studied the youthful couple sharing a table in the columned portico. As young Anna paused to find the words she would relive for the next fifty years, Guardian Jones leapt through the permeable surface. ‘No! Don’t let him go, you fool. You’ll regret it forever!’

Instantly the couple vanished, and Anna Jones, having breached Time Travel Protocol 1, was sucked back into the perfectly re-formed glass, imprisoned forever.


Time travel is an endlessly fascinating topic – undoubtedly impossible, but such fun to play around with in fictional universes.

If you’re interested in really making your head spin with theories and explanations, or if you’d like to read about how time travel is dealt with in a good selection of films, here is a website which will do that for you.

This story is for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle, a page where writers can contribute 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt, posted each Wednesday.

If you’d care to look closely at this week’s photo, in the bottom row of glass panes, second from the right, you’ll find poor Time Guardian Anna Jones, forever captive within the amazingly fluid ‘permaglass’, specially designed by Time Guardians Central Command to facilitate their task of preserving the past, and protecting the present. 

30 thoughts on “Breach

    • Escaping the restrictions of time opens up so many possibilities. I’m glad the prison idea worked – I had to work hard to show what was happening there without going over length. Thanks for commenting.


    • She’s suffered from that one wrong move all her life. I think we all have pockets of regret we carry through the years, wishing we could go back and undo an action, or unsay some wrongly chosen words. I sure do. Thank you for reading and responding.


    • The emptiness of the scene stumped me at first, and when I looked really closely and spotted the reflection in the glass, the wheels started turning. Thank you for your nice comment.


  1. Great story, I love this sort of thing. The time continuum must be protected!
    I zoomed in on the picture and saw Anna in there – I must admit I usually just give the photo a cursory glance. Well spotted, and well written!


    • We can’t have the broken-hearted and regretful just wandering all over time fixing up their personal little muddles and putting the future at risk of some kind of catastrophic anomaly event (or whatever). I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you for your great feedback.


    • Yes, poor Anna. Hers is a sad story. I read your time travel story, and the comments. It’s lovely, as I expected, and also about loss, although your character has good memories, and more, to sustain him. Thanks for telling me about it.

      I’m pleased that you liked my story. Thank you, as always, for your positive feedback.



    • Yes, she will. I think she tried hard to control herself, but she just shouldn’t have put herself in such a tempting position. I’m glad you enjoyed it.Thanks for your comment.


  2. We humans just can’t help but meddle in other people’s business, can we? It’s hard to sit on your thumbs and watch someone screw up their life–even more difficult if you knew their future. Sort of reminds me of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


    • That was a great old movie. I’ll have to watch it again now that you’ve remined me of it. It would have been good for Anna if a guardian angel had appeared and stopped her rash action just in the nick of time. Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • I guess it does feel a little like a fairy tale. I was trying to keep it a bit on the light side – I guess that’s why it has that feeling. I quite like it that you got that from it, and I’m happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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