After the auditions


Copyright Jean L. Hays

“How was it? What did they say?”

“Terrible.  They said my timing was off and I lacked polish. How was yours?”

“Disastrous. I thought I had a chance; I got a tipoff from a pal – the casting director’s driver. But they laughed at me – they said they needed a Batmobile with grunt that showed a whole stack of class, not one with a front end loader and a backhoe up its ass. Guess my pal got it wrong.”

“Aw, too bad. Anyway, cheer up. They’re casting a new James Bond movie next week.”

“Yeah, and I hear they’re remaking Mad Max.”


This little  piece is my contribution for this week to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers, where each Wednesday a new photo prompt is posted, with the challenge to write a story of 100 words. 

19 thoughts on “After the auditions

    • Thank you for that, Sandra. It was a tricky one this week. I’m rather thrilled that you’ve noticed my header. The flowers are actually my husband’s first attempt at orchid growing. He waited several years for the first flowers to bloom, and that’s what he got. They were just lovely.


    • I’m so happy you liked my story. I could see these two cars in Mad Max – just their style. You’re right about Hollywood – same old things with different actors. Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

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