Lucy takes a break

‘Lucy!’ her mother had said. ‘Get your nose out of your novels and taste some real life.’

So Lucy went to California. She partied at nightclubs, gazed at sapphire skies filtered through palm fronds, and sunbathed by the pool. She strolled the boulevards with the rich and beautiful.

But the nightclubs gave her headaches, the towering palms and crowded pools made her feel small and alone, and people on the boulevards pushed her aside.


Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Home again, Lucy reached for a novel, where the heroine happily partied, sunbathed, gazed at sapphire skies and strolled among the beautiful. And Lucy felt alive.


This story is for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers, a weekly flash fiction get together where contributors compose 100 word stories in response to a picture prompt.

29 thoughts on “Lucy takes a break

    • I think she prefers the more manageable version of reality in her books, rather than the raw version out there in the world. I’m glad you noticed the ambiguity here: is Lucy right or has Lucy got a problem? And which reality is more real anyway: literature, which can get to the heart of things or the things themselves? Phew! It’s making my head spin, and I wrote it. Thank you for commenting so nicely about my writing – I appreciate it.


    • Yes – if you’re reading about you are there, if it’s well written, of course. And you can choose another book if one version of reality doesn’t suit you. What could be better than that? Thank you for your nice comment.


  1. Marg, I hate crowds. It’s sometimes difficult to go alone where you don’t know anyone. The real thing often can’t measure up to books. At least she experienced it for herself. She probably got homesick. Well written. 🙂 — Susan


    • Yes, for Lucy it seems that’s so. She just needs to follow her own star and not be pressured into living the life others think she should be living. Thank you for your feedback.


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