Road safety

Something snapped in Gerald when he lost his beloved cherry red Mini Cooper – bent like a boomerang by a red light runner, t-boned at high speed.

But Gerald was a doer, not a brooder. His plans formed.

Nightly, he examined a flickering computer array revealing red light runners at intersections across the city – traffic cams expertly hacked. It was a snap to track addresses from number plates.

Now, in the wee hours, you’ll find Gerald busy in some driveway, with wheel-brace and blocks, doing his bit to improve road safety.

And his used tyre business is doing nicely.

Copyright - Claire Fuller

Copyright – Claire Fuller


You might be surprised to learn just how long camera surveillance has operated in the UK, and how prevalent it is.  I certainly was. Here are a couple of articles you might like to look at.

This is for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle, where each week writers post 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt. It’s a lot of fun, and quite a challenge.

14 thoughts on “Road safety

  1. Marg, Gerald seems to be a busy man. I wonder how long he can keep it up. 🙂 I checked the links and I’m surprised by not only how many cameras are used, but that it doesn’t seem to be doing that much good. Well written story with humor. 🙂 — Susan


    • The linked stories were fascinating, weren’t they. I couldn’t resist putting them in. This was a hard one to write in 100 words. I wanted to put in so much more, and to link in the ‘established 1966’ sign on the building, but I couldn’t do it. Thank you for your kind comment.


  2. Dear Margaret,

    This is how urban legends get started. Reminded me of Robin Hood or The Karma Police with tires. I particularly liked the ‘doer not a brooder’ line. Our stories were joined at the hip, weren’t they? Very nice.




    • Robin Hood was a childhood hero of mine so I’m happy that you saw a connection there. I was thinking of developing him that way but I think he works better as a hurt, twisted soul. Urban legend eh? Maybe. If our two Gerald/Gerrys ever got together there’d be chaos. Let’s hope they don’t find out about each other.


    • I was amazed by the information I found about surveillance in Britain. I had to link in the articles because it was astounding. Doug’s story and mine are so similar. I never read any of the stories before writing my own, to avoid being influenced, but similarities occur anyway, so it seems. Thanks for your feedback.


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