Cassandra’s walk


Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

Cassandra knew this was as it had to be. Countless women had walked these narrow, twisting paths to feed a hungry monster and keep chaos at bay. She’d been chosen over others – at the time that was gratifying, but right now it brought little comfort.

Steadily she advanced between towering walls, each corner leading to another. As she approached the end she steeled herself, wishing she wasn’t so tired, so burdened by this task.

At the final turn her heart sank – the checkout queue stretched back out of sight. Dinner would be late again tonight. Dimitri would not be happy.


This is another offering for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers, where writers contribute 100 word stories in response to a weekly prompt photo.

47 thoughts on “Cassandra’s walk

    • It could be. It’s what you might call a composite image. Pick any supermarket at the wrong time of day, and there’s the queue. Horrible places. Thanks for your comment.


  1. Oh, you really had me. I was so sure she was being sacrificed as the meal for the monster who lived in the maze. And then to find myself at a grocery check-out line was absolutely hilarious. The surprise ending has never been done better.

    I also love your header photo.


    • Thank you, Sandra, for your lovely feedback. I’m delighted that you got a laugh from my story.The orchids in my header photo were grown by my husband – his first attempt – but the plants were such hard work, apparently, and took so long to flower, he decided he didn’t want to keep them after that, so he gave them away! I’m very glad I took some photos, as that’s all we have to remember them now.


  2. I so get this, Margaret. Grocery shopping is my least favorite task, especially if there’s a line waiting at the end. It’s hard enough just to gather all the things. This was great!


    • She could have been – or she could have been at my local supermarket. I think the experience is universal in the modern world. I’m really glad you liked my story, Lily – thank you for commenting.

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  3. You have cleverly used the name Cassandra to lead us into thinking along the lines of Greek mythology and the Mintoaur (or suchlike). Then reality hits when we’re brought back to the present with the familiar scene of a supermarket queue – and the sinking feeling of another late dinner. Smile time.
    Great twist and nicely written.

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    • Yes, I had the Minotaur in mind, and the names needed to be Greek for that purpose, and I’m glad the ending raised a smile. I really like the challenge of thinking up punchy endings to these little stories, so it’s good when one works. Thank you for your insightful and encouraging comment.

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  4. Haha! LOVE the twist. Well crafted. Here I was thinking this was a take on the myth of the minotaur, then bam! Right back to reality. I can relate to her fanciful, dramatic narration.


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