Freedom’s garden


Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

Freedom Breeze walked this track to the produce market every Saturday.

This morning she dawdled behind her parents, enjoying the sensation of being as big as the forest, as insignificant as a leaf. Trees, earth, sky – all were one. In their commune such understandings were carefully taught.

Last year, in her garden, Freedom discovered a startling gift – a pointy-leafed vegetable she picked to sell with her lettuces. When James, the policeman’s son, had seen it, he’d paid generously and sworn her to secrecy.

Today her backpack bulged with cash, and the wonderful leaves. Tonight, she’d be on the 8:00pm city train, and she wasn’t coming back.


This is another story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 100 word stories are submitted in response to a weekly photo prompt. You can read them all here.

17 thoughts on “Freedom’s garden

  1. Very original story, Margaret. I wonder what was so special about this pointy-leafed vegetable. I suspect she had grown tired of feeling as insignificant as a leaf. Time for her to spread her wings! Nicely written.


    • It’s quite a handle, isn’t it? But those hippy types were rather eccentric in their choice of names for their children. She’ll probably change her name to something much more sophisticated once she gets to the city. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Dear Margaret,

    I love the name Freedom Breeze. Ah those names flower children gave their offspring. Who can forget Moon Unit Zappa? I’d say she’s found her ticket to freedom…cannabis wings.

    Nicely done.




    • She was sworn to secrecy, and James paid handsomely for each new crop, so the money just kept rolling into her backpack. I’m not sure how she’ll cope on her own in the city. I’m glad you liked my story – thanks for your comment.


  3. LOL Only a few months back, this would have been an Americana tale …

    Now, it only works in 46 states and not even in DC :mrgreen:

    Oh! And is Freedom Breeze the new scent for home products it inspired? ❓

    Nice and funny, Tay.


    • Thanks, Tay. It’s an Australiana tale, too. If Freedom’s current business plan fails, perhaps she could branch out into home products. She could make a killing in scented candles.


  4. I worked with a girl whose last name was Breese (with an S instead of a Z). She named her son Harry instead of Wafting N. or Floating On. Too bad. I hate to see good surnames wasted.


    • That is a waste. Freedom Breeze is actually her full given name. On the commune they discarded surnames along with other symbols of the fragmented patriarchal society they rejected. (By the way, I found the names on a website called ‘Hippy dippy baby names’.)


  5. This story is beautiful, Margaret! It feels like the start of a magical realism story… wonderful prose, intriguing and lovely.

    For the record: as a resident of WA state, Freedom Breeze could earn her money legally. 😉


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