Starting out

Maryanne’s mirror returned her smiling image, and, behind her reflection, the sumptuous decor for which Bruce had paid a fortune. She’d graduated with Honours in Botany, and Bruce was proud of her. Her life was progressing as planned; her only sorrow was her lost labrador, Buddy – she missed him so. But they’d found no trace.

Bruce loved her to be looking her best when he arrived home. He loved her meticulous housekeeping, her gourmet cooking.

Tonight she’d serve her specially cultivated mushrooms. Buddy’s sacrifice had proven her hypothesis – the poison was untraceable.

She’d done her work well. Her career was about to begin.

Copyright - Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again. Each Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a photo prompt, with the challenge to write a complete story in 100 words. This is my contribution. I haven’t really ventured into the realms of the villainous before; the cold and calculating Maryanne is new territory for me. My inspiration was a documentary which screened a few years ago, about some unlikely murderesses in 1950s Australia. While thallium was their substance of choice, mushrooms will do just nicely, and they’re so much tastier. You can read more here.

27 thoughts on “Starting out

    • Dear Rochelle,
      I’m a little concerned if it’s true that I’ve done it well. Not sure what that says about me – but thank you anyway. I appreciate your feedback.


  1. Good use of the word “trace” to give new meaning to “found no trace”.
    It sounds like Bruce was quite demanding and it was getting in the way of her career, but I’m sure neither he nor poor Buddy deserved to die 😦

    Great piece, she’s the perfect cold-hearted scheming villain!


    • They certainly didn’t, and Maryann is truly cruel. I had originally envisaged, and described, a 1950s setting, where Maryann’s discontent with her domestic role would be more surprising, but I couldn’t fit it into the word limit. I’m glad you picked up on ‘trace’. Thank you for your feedback.


    • He was – so sad. Maryann just wanted more than to be the perfect housewife. I’m not sure what direction her career choices will take her, but she does have skills, so the sky’s the limit. Thanks for reading.


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