Violet and Tiffany


Copyright – Santoshwriter

For a time, Violet and Tiffany were inseparable, yet they were as dissimilar as two young women could be.

At school, Tiffany partied, while Violet settled in to work, and steered Tiffany around trouble spots.

At university, Tiffany dazzled professors and cheered football teams to victory, while Violet laboured over research and kept Tiffany on track.

Later, Tiffany shimmered and glowed and danced till dawn, surrounded by adoring men. Violet picked up the pieces, smoothed Tiffany’s ruffled edges.

They parted company one Saturday, Tiffany smiling from the covers of a stack of glossy new paperbacks, Violet busy autographing copies. Tiffany was on her own now.


I spent a wonderful day at the Sydney Writers’ Festival this week. The sun shone, the harbour sparkled, the presentations were lively, the conversations friendly and the coffee good. I rode the train home feeling so loaded up with inspiration that I could whiz off a bestseller with no trouble at all.  Then it took me three attempts to come up with a story for this week’s photo. 

This is my story, and once again it’s for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly flash fiction challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 

On a related note, I’m thrilled to say that my first published short story, “Storm Warnings”, is now available in an anthology called No Tea Tomorrow, by Stringybark Press, Canberra, Australia.The book presents the winning and commended entries in a recent competition calling for stories with an Australian theme. Click on the picture for details and to order.


29 thoughts on “Violet and Tiffany

    • Firstly can I say that my choice of name and the fact that we ended up neighbours in the link-up, are quite coincidental. I wanted my Tiffany to sparkle like the jewels I saw in the dewdrops in the prompt. Actually, your posts always sparkle, too.

      In relation to the friendship, perhaps another question could be – is Tiffany real? Thanks for leaving a comment.


  1. Poor Tiffany 🙂 Biographers can be dangerous people to know! We fiction writers can be a little kinder. I like creating composite characters, with little bits and pieces from several people. Put them in a fantasy or futuristic setting, and they’re even less likely to recognise themselves.


    • I recently attended a workshop on memoir writing, and I was fascinated by one presenter’s approach in his recent book. He had published it as fiction, but in fact he said it was 90% memoir. He had some interesting things to say about turning real experiences into art in this way. Where is the line between fact and fiction anyway, when memory and creativity are in the mix? Fascinating stuff. Thank you for leaving a response.

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  2. Tiffany was smiling at the end so Violet’s book about her must have been in a favorable light. This was a great story, Margaret. I’m so excited for you that you felt inspired after your conference. I need that. Congrats on your story being included in the anthology! Yay!!


    • Violet was kind to Tiffany. She’d become quite attached to her. Thank you for the congratulations. It’s a small beginning, compared to the achievements of the writers in this group, but I’m very excited. The Sydney Writers’ Festival is a fantastic event. I wish I could have attended more sessions. Cheers, Marg.


  3. Dear Margaret,

    Congratulations on the story. That’s awesome. May there be many more.

    I love this story. I wonder how Tiffany felt about being grist for Violet’s mill. 😉




    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, Rochelle. It’s just a small success, but I’ll keep on writing and submitting, and enjoy the experience whatever the results.

      I think Tiffany would be happy to have been launched into her new life as a sparkling character in Violet’s book.

      Cheers, Margaret


  4. Very interesting story, Margaret. I was wondering how to interpret it and saw from the comments that the others took it different ways. I saw Tiffany as either an alter ego or an imaginary friend that Violet finally got out of her and into print. You can let me know if I’m close. 🙂


    • Is she an alter ego, a real or imaginary friend, or just a character she created for her book? The more I read back over it, the more possibilities I see myself. It’s great that people have their own ideas. I know I worked hard to describe Violet’s dealings with Tiffany somewhat ambiguously. So yes, you’re close, David, and I’m delighted you found my story interesting. Thank you for saying so, and for reading it so thoughtfully. Cheers, Marg.


  5. That is an interesting way to look at a writer and their creation. Wonder who else is Violet going to write about.
    Congratulations on your story being included in the anthology.


    • I’d like to think the sky’s the limit for Violet’s writing endeavours, although Tiffany’s story did consume a lot of her time and attention – I’m not sure how productive she can be at that pace. Thank you for your kind words and congratulations.


  6. I often find it harder to do shorter work than longer. I say that, but then I’m putting off revisions right now on a 75k while still pumping out Suzie’s House episodes every Wednesday. I guess I better offer a grain of salt.


    • It seems nobody finds it easy to do revisions. It’s hard slog. And I do agree that these short pieces are a challenge, but I love how they hone the writing process. Your comment is appreciated.


  7. I can relate to what you said about being inspired after attending the writers conference. To me, those are like giant pep rally’s and I can’t wait to get home a create something new.

    As for Tiffany and Violet, I think they made a great team. I’m sure there were times when Violet wished she could be as outgoing and popular as Tiffany, and Tiffany probably respected and admired many of Violet’s traits as well.

    Congrats on having your story published in the anthology. Two of my early stories are in anthologies and it motivated me to keep working at the craft and reach for higher stars.


    • That’s an apt comparison. We need pepping up regularly, I believe. I did come home with a couple of autographed books, in fact, and I was interested to hear that short fiction is indergiong a resurgence in popularity at the moment. That’s good news. Thanks for your comment, and your congratulations. I”ll keep working and reaching, too.

      Cheers, Margaret


  8. Oh, I love this. There are so many possibilities here: Is Tiffany a model who was photographed for the cover? Did Violet write a book about Tiffany? Where they one and the same? Great stuff!

    Congratulations on the story in anthology 🙂


    • Thank you, Sonya. Your feedback is very encouraging. I’m really happy that you saw possibilities – the creative process is quite complex, and who really knows how much of an author is in her characters? Could the reverse also be possible?

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    • Hmm. I have the choice – to trust you or not? As you’re saying such nice things, I’ll take the chance and believe you. Is that how it goes? Thank you, Patrick, for reading and commenting.


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