Winter solstice

Creeping coldness folds warm summer air
away and leeches green from every tree
till winter has its way and all is muted,
yellowed, damp. Darkening days
shrink time. Half-hearted skies
linger through morning and
afternoon is a just gasp
of pale sun, low on
a garden wall.
Long fingers
But look –
along bare
limbs, colour
unfurls, inviting
light that steps into
landscape and reaches out
to day’s edges. Time uncurls,
stretches into days that blaze and
long afternoons with the sun creeping
leisurely to horizon, where it hesitates to
sink, not wanting to miss a moment of summer.


2 thoughts on “Winter solstice

  1. We’ve just celebrated summer solstice here – and my daughter’s birthday. Felt like the longest night of my life 24 years ago when in fact it was the shortest. On my list of things to do – go to the ancient stones of Stonehenge with the hippies, pagans, Buddhists and British bobbies and hug a stone at sunrise – it’s the only day you are allowed to do so. Apparently it wasn’t cloudy this year which it often can be.
    Enjoyed your hour glass tribute to our fine and diverse planet.


  2. I found lots of images of stone huggers when I was trying to find a good picture to include with this, but I couldn’t find a suitable one for the winter solstice here in Australia – mostly pictures of naked people standing in the ocean or on the beach doing some sort of private sun-worshipping business. In the end, I gave up. I can so relate to your long night 24 years ago. Time gets distorted at such moments. How good to have a daughter to mark the day, however. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment – I’m encouraged. I wish you all the best in getting to Stonehenge – what a fascinating place.


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