This post marks the completion of one full year’s involvement in Friday Fictioneers for me. I’ve managed to achieve my goal of not missing a Friday Fiction prompt for a full year, so I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. I started this blog at the same time, primarily to spur myself on to concentrate on writing, and to discover avenues for sharing and publication. I’ll soon be updating my ‘About’ page to reflect some other small writing milestones achieved in the past year. 

Friday Fictioneers has provided access to a wonderful group of writers who inspire and encourage each other. It feels like becoming part of a big, happy group of penpals. So thank you to my fellow fictioneers, and Happy Birthday to my blog.

Thanks especially to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who works tirelessly to host this flash fiction writing challenge, and provides encouraging feedback so conscientiously.

This week’s contribution to Friday Fictioneers follows.


Copyright - Madison Woods

Copyright – Madison Woods


Mick and Al waited patiently, a dozen ahead of them in the queue.

‘Lousy service,’ complained a woman.

‘That’s what happens,’ Mick replied, ‘when you buck the system.’

‘Yeah,’ Al agreed. ‘It’s chaos. Smells good, though. Are we sure about our orders?’

Mick shrugged. ‘I’m sure.’

At the counter, the manager rushed around. ‘At least he’s helping out,’ Al observed.

Back at the office, Big Ron quizzed them: ‘Done?’


‘No more beet patties, organic sauce, tofu, alfalfa sprouts and vegetable relish on wholegrain buns?’

‘All back to normal. Owner’s been scrubbed out.’

‘Good. In this organisation we stick to the formula.’

14 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. Dear Margaret,

    I could hear this believable conversation. 😉 Clever and well written.

    Happy Friday Fictioneers Anniversary! I’m happy to be a part of that. You’re a pleasure to read. Thank you for your faithful participation.




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