Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Eleanor remembers their beginning. If possible, she’d have followed her guards into the waters below. She’d screamed as unearthly noises approached, ascending her tower; and swooned as the axe demolished her door.

She awoke astride an old, broad-beamed steed, slow-plodding through a darkening forest, then drifted again, recovering as he loomed above, speaking soft promises.

She assessed the situation: his gauntlets were greasy, his breastplate buckled and broken, his rerebraces rusty. Equipment maintenance was obviously not his strength; but he’d saved her, and she would be his.

She smiles at him now, over her needlework, bouncing a twin on each knee.



This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers, where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a weekly photo challenge and writers contribute 100 word stories in response. 

I suspect some readers might be scratching their heads in bewilderment, but this diagram should clarify my story somewhat, and this silly little song from long ago will make it even clearer. 

33 thoughts on “Rescue

    • I’m sorry to bamboozle you, Rochelle. I hope the song helped. Once it popped into my mind as I was contemplating what I could do with this picture, I just had to turn it into a story. I’m very concerned that the story doesn’t make any sense at all without knowing the song, but I’m hoping that it does. I’ve tweaked it just a little after reading your comment. Anyway, I had fun with it, so that’s a good thing. Thanks, as always for commenting. Cheers, Margaret.


    • Now, you’ve got me worried, C.E. I’m glad you loved my story, but one mustn’t assume that knowledge of a song reveals either contemporaneity with its singers, or appreciation of its aesthetic qualities. That said, while I’m flattered by your assumption of my youthfulness, I am in fact old enough to remember Peter and Gordon, and I haven’t been able to stop singing that bloomin’ song since it popped into my mind as I pondered that rusty boat.


  1. What a great story and song to read it by. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. I had no idea that a suit of armor had so many details. Who knew? That’s great work to incorporate those details into your story. Wonderful, Margaret!


    • Well Patrick, there was the rust, of course, but also I’ve included water, a dark forest, and a broad-beamed steed. I thought I did quite well connecting the story to the photo. I am glad you found my story delightful, and thank you for saying so. And I think you’re right about the pre-codpiece timeframe. That would have spoilt the ending to the song, wouldn’t it?


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