Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Bill and Mary had worried as their son grew lazy and withdrawn, glued to his computer.

They’d been hopeful when he joined Nu-You Gym, the latest craze, along with most of the town’s young people.

They were proud of him, handsome in his Nu-You t-shirt with its striking blue logo, and rejoiced when he trimmed down, sharpened up.

They laughed as the kids spray-painted the logo alongside the highway, east of town. “That’ll draw visitors. Good for business.”

They didn’t notice as he crept out and headed towards the highway, the night the strange lights drifted east over town and sank gently to earth.


This is my Friday Fictioneers offering for this week. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for selecting the weekly prompt and managing our hundred-word story collection.

22 thoughts on “Transformed

    • Exactly. I would have liked another hundred words to describe exactly what was going on at that gym. I had the whole set-up clear in my mind but couldn’t put in any of it. I’m so glad it came through anyway. Thank you once again for your encouragement, Rochelle.


    • Probably not – that’s why they had to transform them first.They’re not themselves any more. Exactly what they are I had to leave up to readers to imagine. Thanks for the positive feedback, Mick.

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  1. I got a real Doctor Who vibe from this (which is a compliment coming from me!) — I suspected something sinister was afoot as soon as all the young people started getting off their butts and going outside to do the same activity. Well-played!


    • I guess there have always been ways for kids to avoid parental scrutiny, but the internet has certainly opened up new possibilities for them, and increased the ways they can get into trouble. Thanks for your encouraging feedback.


  2. Creepy. O_o Sounds like the aliens were recruiting for a fighting force, so got the kids in shape before abduction. The scary thing is we don’t seem to need aliens from outer space for that to happen these days. Well written, Margaret. —- Suzanne


    • Sad but true. Indoctrination and recruiting of young people is going on all around us – what a world we have. I’m glad the story worked for you, Suzanne. Thanks for commenting.


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