The Morning Show

Copyright - Ted Strutz

Copyright – Ted Strutz

What have you decided?

After considering  the interests of all stakeholders, I’ve decided to optimise sustainability, while minimising the potential for unforeseen negative implications, going forward.

Can you just give me a straight answer because …

One must resist pressure for simplistic explanations which sidestep complex issues.

Yes, but the time’s …

We mustn’t sacrifice long-term benefits for the sake of expediency. This decision will provide the bedrock for future growth and development.

For Pete’s sake! Save the spin for the voters. Just tell me, before we’re both late, do you want bacon with your eggs or not?


Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for selecting the prompt and looking after Friday Fictioneers, the weekly flash fiction challenge to write a complete story in 100 words. This is my contribution. 

19 thoughts on “The Morning Show

    • That’s true. I do think, however, that the media’s approach in interviews is partly to blame for their skill in avoiding answering questions. It becomes so confrontational so quickly. Maybe that’s just the case in Australia – not sure.


    • I’m not sure if he hasn’t made his decision, or if he just can’t bring himself to tell someone else what his decision is. I’m so glad you liked the story, Amy, and thanks for the kind feedback.


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