Ike’s moment

Ike felt keenly the blot on the family name – their reputation for foolhardiness, arrogance, ineptitude.

Generations before him had tried to redeem their lineage from the ignominy of failure, but Ike knew he was the one who would succeed; he’d dreamed of this moment all his life. In his workshop, he made the final adjustments to the device that would lift him above the humdrum and restore his family’s dignity.

Ike stepped into the control capsule, hit ‘ignition’, and, in a roar of flame, Icarus CCCLV lifted off, sunward.

They were finding yellow feathers all over town for months after.

luther-siler (1)

Copyright – Luther Siler


Click here to read about how the family reputation was brought so low.

IMG_0191 (2)

The Fall of Icarus, by Rene Miltot

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the selection of this week’s very unusual photo prompt, and for hosting Friday Fictioneers, where writers contribute 100 word stories in response to a weekly prompt. You can read the others here.


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