The game



Copyright – Scott. L. Vannatter

Stanley lives for the game. He thrives on the tension, the hush of expectancy, the rush of adrenalin. He loves the risk, even the delicious agony of dread that he could lose everything.

This evening he feels that risk keenly. He’s staked so much on tonight’s game, but there’s no going back now, in this final round. His future rests on a knife edge.

He sets up, takes aim. The room erupts. He’s won!

Back home, Stanley examines his prize, awestruck. Such a rare marble, in his collection! He positions it carefully. The black-vaned cat’s eye, velvet-cushioned, glimmers congratulations.


I understand there’s quite a market in rare and antique marbles. Who can understand the mind and motives of collectors? I was struck, however, by the beautiful colours and designs of some marbles, and the game has a long history. If you’d like to see for yourself, here’s an article, and here’s another. Thank you once again to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for hosting Friday Fictioneers, and for providing the weekly picture prompt. You can read all the 100 word stories here.

Happy Christmas and my best holiday wishes to everyone. And here are a few of my thoughts about summer holidays.

catseye marble

Cat’s eye marble




25 thoughts on “The game

  1. This brings back such great memories of my Auntie Alice teaching my sisters and me how to play marbles. I still have themin a now stiff, leather marble bag. And cat’s eyes! I’d forgotten. Thanks for the memory.


  2. What a fascinating story. I love looking at marbles, although I’ve never seen the rare and precious ones. But the colours, the sparkle… Happy Holidays. 🙂


  3. I used to have quite a few pretty marbles from my school days. I guess it’s more of a sense of accomplishment to collect (and risk) things you actually win yourself rather than stuff you’ve bought.
    Great story!


    • I’ve never really given them much thought, myself, but I knew ‘cat’s eyes’ were a kind of marble, and the prompt made me think of the name. I found the links fascinating too. Thanks for your kind comment, Sandra.


  4. I found my brother’s old marbles and my mother taught me to play. Even inside she took a piece of string and made the circle. I still have them somewhere. Some are quite beautiful. Happy Holidays, Margaret. 🙂 — Suzanne


  5. My wife has some really old marbles in a leather pouch with a drawstring. She deals in antiques and collectables and bought them at a flea market or yard sale. I’d say the pouch was at least 80 years old. Some of the marbles are very pretty and usual. Good use of the photo, Margaret.


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