Clive’s party


Copyright – Jean L. Hays

This was an exclusive establishment; its reputation for fine cuisine had reached the whole city.

Clive ushered his guests through, careful to avoid undue attention from the other patrons. It would be unseemly to cause a stir. They filed discreetly past a large window with an elaborate glass panel emblazoned with its uptown address, announcing to all that this was the place to be seen.

They moved like shadows down the back alley. Clive was as good as his word – they loaded their carrybags from trashcans overflowing with discarded delicacies.

Clive’s riverbank New Year’s party was well catered this year.


Once more this 100 word story is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who does a brilliant job of selecting a photo prompt, and hosting the weekly flash fiction challenge. Read them all here.

Clive is following in the footsteps of another well-bred man about town who you might enjoy revisiting


23 thoughts on “Clive’s party

  1. Thank you so much for that Red Skelton video! Hadn’t seen it in eons, at least.
    This story was heartwarming… couldn’t help but think of Lady and the Tramp!


    • I’m not sure that Clive would be all that interested in working for a living; he seems to have all he needs. I agree with you, however, that we need to remember that not everybody does.


  2. I’ve read about groups of people who aren’t needy who go raid trash cans of supermarkets and restaurants for food, because they hate the waste. Where I live, expired food, food from restaurants or other large kitchens isn’t allowed to be given to charity tables, (hygiene or some other unconvincing reasons) so it gets thrown away. Fields with vegetables are ploughed under because the prices aren’t right… Great story, I felt like going getting the food right with them.


    • It’s horrifying that we waste so much while so many people go hungry. Those groups of people you mention are to be congratulated for their resourcefulness. I’m so happy you enjoyed my story, Gah. Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good and amusing story and I enjoyed the film that brought back memories of a favorite character brought to life by two great actors. Well done, Margaret. Happy New Year to you and yours. 😀 — Suzanne


  4. What a blessing it was to watch Red Skelton and Vincent Price. It went with your story like fine cognac and an after dinner cigar.

    God Bless, Margaret, and have a blessed 2016.


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