Photo copyright – Kent Bonham

“We’ve found it, Bob.  Whatever they were working on is here.”

“Incredible that there’s anything left after a millennium underground.”

“They’ll have made this lab bombproof. They were more advanced than everyone thinks. This could be the find that lifts the human race up again. We might reach the stars after all.”

“Look. Diagrams scattered everywhere – I think they’re calculations of mass and tension. What is it? We need the last page.”

“It’s here. A labelled image of the finished device. It’s pretty faded.”

“Can you read it, Tom?”

“Yeah. It says: Bionic bra – support for your future.”


This is for Friday Fictioneers, who support each other’s flash fiction efforts and uplift each other when our confidence is sagging. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who helps us to control loose structure and trim excessive verbiage, and points us all in the right direction with a weekly photo prompt.

29 thoughts on “Uplift

  1. Love the ending. I think my country could use a bionic bra…the future is sagging a bit. Thank you for this, it made me smile.


  2. Support for your great uplifting story!
    Some teaching friends of mine did a sponsored run for breast cancer as the ‘Teachers in Tracksuits’ team – including asking parents to support the Teachers in Tracksuits whilst keeping a straight face. It led to weeks of ridiculous jokes – and lots of money raised.


    • I can just imagine. It seems like it was a successful undertaking, and would have created a lot of happy memories, by the sound of it. Thanks for your supportive comment – I need all the support I can get.


  3. Very uplifting calculations of mass and tension. I’m sure they can learn a thing or two from this bra. Great story, Margaret.


  4. This was a hoot… and so was your little bit. I shall strive to refrain from adding my own puns to the slew that have been thrown about above!
    I must admit I had to watch the video as I, ah, have trouble myself finding the proper support!


  5. Until I saw the film, I thought you imagined it. That was great. Your part was hilarious. I guess for women it would be great, though, and make sense. I read most women wear the wrong bra size. 😀 — Suzanne


  6. Haha! This cracks me up. I feel most uplifted after reading this, Margaret and the need to have a bionic bra. It’s so high tech, I’d be afraid to wear it. Great story! No confidence sagging here. 🙂


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