Here is another 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog ‘Addicted to Purple’. Read all the other contributions here.


Photo copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Let’s move to the coast,” she said. “We’ll all be alright if we can just get away from this place. I can’t stand the flat emptiness of it. It’s so static. Nothing ever changes.”

So now she’s happy. We have an ocean view from the bedroom. She swims and jogs along the beach. She’s booking tickets for a different show each week. She’s shopping at boutiques and lunching with her friends.

I suppose we’ll be alright. But at night I hear the restless push and pull of the waves, and I dream of a still, green landscape, and something lost.


31 thoughts on “Restless

    • He’s made a big sacrifice, and i can only hope it’s enough. I think they’re on shaky ground despite his willingness to try to make her happy. Thank you for your encouraging response, Irene.

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  1. It’s sound like quite the life she has, one anyone would envy. But I wonder if it’s human nature to be constantly searching for happiness. The grass is always greener…usually it never is! Lovely take, Margaret.


  2. It’s tough when each person prefers something different – the sea, the plains, the mountains…
    Hopefully now that they’ve moved, he’ll grow to love it and she won’t start yearning for something else.

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    • You’re so right. Working through those differences is the biggest challenge. I’m so glad you liked the descriptions and tension – thank you for saying so.


  3. Hahaha! Margaret, you have a wonderful sense of the ironic. I don’t usually hear people being wistful about flat lands (I’m from Kansas, I know what flat lands are!). A superb touch!

    Five out of five John Deere tractor mowers for the green, green grass of home. 😀


    • My husband and I lived for 27 years in the central west of New South Wales – not far from the beginning of the vast flat centre of Australia. I think people form connections with landscape, and who knows what it is that appeals? Personally, 27 years was more than enough flatland for me. Nevertheless, those five tractor mowers are most welcome. Thanks for the feedback.


      • You’re welcome. And you’re right, you know, there really IS something to having a connection to landscapes, etc. because I feel very connected to the midwest and my home State. I’m fifth and fourth generation Kansan on each side of the family and that connection of not only land but history as well is deep inside. That human sense of “connectedness” is probably the contributing factor.

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  4. Tensions like these are like a lie detector for a relationship. She sure seems happy, but also quite selfish. I wonder if she realizes that he isn’t happy. People see places differently, too. I usually feel at home where my heart is, but my parents, even though they lived much better in their new home, always missed and yearned for the lost land of their youth. Wonderful story, Margaret.


    • That’s exactly what I was trying to portray, Gah. I’m so glad it came through. There definitely are differences in the places we feel comfortable in. Maybe partly it’s what you become used to, but I think it’s more about personality and outlook. I love the ocean, but, like my narrator, sometimes I find the sound of waves close by at night unsettling. Thank you for your encouragement, Gabriele.


    • Yes, I think we do build connections to the landscapes around us. Or ‘roots’ as you say. If one person in a relationship is unable to connect to a particular place, I agree – there’s probably no way their relationship can survive.


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