Not so charming



Photo copyright – John Nixon

Midnight struck, and Cindy was heartbroken.

She’d done all a girl could do. She’d observed what he googled at work when he thought nobody was watching.

She’d followed him at a strategic distance on weekends.

She’d discovered what he liked, and reinvented herself to become his dream girl. It should all have come together at the office party.

She gazed dejectedly at her reflection in the mirror, from newly blonded hair to fishnet stockinged feet. His words still stung.

“You wear what? Size 10? Freaky!”

Well, he was the freak. Especially now he wore a strappy red stiletto in his neck. Size 10.


This story is for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog Addicted to Purple. You’ll find all the 100 word stories here.

There’s been some discussion recently among Friday Fictioneers about the frequency of gruesome endings to stories. Please accept my apology for adding to the murder tally  this week. In my defence, I can only say, firstly, that I haven’t really killed off many of my characters so I’m sure I’m still within whatever quota exists. Secondly, I couldn’t think of anything else.

In case you’re wondering about the connection to the prompt, I’ve wanted to write a story to go with the following song for so long that when I saw those feet in the picture I couldn’t resist. The video’s a classic – I hope you’ve got a couple of minutes to have a look.

34 thoughts on “Not so charming

    • I’m glad my story made you smile. I didn’t hear about the Houston murder you mention, but it’s good that you told me. I feel it adds a little authenticity to my story. Thanks for commenting, Bjorn.


  1. Well, she sounded a bit “off” from the start, with her reinventing and stalking. By the end I had upgraded her to “totally unhinged”. I can’t say he didn’t deserve some comeback, though! Great story!


    • She’s a character to beware of. No knives for this girl. The stiletto in his neck is the very high and very sharp heel of her shoe. Thanks for commenting, Patrick.


  2. That’s just “black humor”, Margaret. It’s a murder but it fits so it’s not bad. Anyway, people love thrillers and characters always die in those so I say, “What’s the big deal?” It was well written. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • I knew it would be a bit obscure, but I do feel pleased with myself when I manage a story that has a less obvious connection to the picture. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Liz.


  3. Yes ours were similar. I had a girlfriend who had size 11 feet. Otherwise she was petite. When we would go places such as ten pin bowling and ice skating, when she went to hire boots she was always told don’t be stupid and then felt like a freak when they found out she did need that size. Some prompts you just have to kill someone. Loved the music.


  4. I enjoyed the clip of fats Waller, it took me back a good few years.🙂 Now it’s midnight so hope that I do not dream of red shoes🙃


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