Photo courtesy of Jan Wayne Fields

“You’ll love New York,” they said. “You’ll be a hit, no doubt about it.”

They were right. It was all I’d dreamed of – the razzle-dazzle, the buzz of new beginnings. And fame came quickly. My light blazed brightest of them all. I was loved. I brought hope to thousands.

Now, I feel the weight of the years. Although they tell me I still matter, I know I’ve become just a photo opportunity. They’ve grown used to me, complacent.

The harbour seems colder somehow. I feel its chill rising, seeping in. But I’ll stay. One day they’ll need me again.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, on her blog ‘Addicted to Purple’. This is my response to this week’s photo prompt. You can read all the other stories here.

31 thoughts on “Showgirl

  1. Let’s hope that the majority haven’t forgotten her. It looks to me that far too many have never heard of her, and won’t anytime soon. Wonderful story, Margaret.


    • Sometimes the symbol becomes sufficient in itself, and the qualities and values symbolised are taken for granted. I’m glad you liked my story, Gabriele. Thanks once again for your feedback.

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  2. I love this take. Oh, the life of a showgirl and performer. It seems that actors, celebrities and the like work as much as they can before someone new comes along. There’s always someone waiting in the wings. Great story, Margaret.


  3. I love the POV. I’m sure sometimes she does feel forgotten and taken for granted, but I’m sure there all still moments when she brings tears to someone’s eyes and the old magic comes back.


  4. An effective piece, and so creatively written in the statue’s voice. But I’m afraid it’s not the harbor that’s colder. It’s people’s hearts that have grown colder.


  5. I thought it was a showgirl when I started reading and then realized it was Lady Liberty. I love the descriptions, Margaret. It was so different to see things from her point of view. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne


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