If we build it …


Photo prompt courtesy of Adam Ickes

“It’s a mistake,” I protested. “It’ll be the ruin of the place.”

But other voices argued for compromise. “Without public interest we’ll never save it. We have to help them experience it for themselves. Then they’ll realise and help.”

So the road and the timber boardwalk with a whiz-bang viewing platform appeared. And the public came. And the trail bike riders, and the late night party animals. And from the platform you could see soft drink cans and cigarette packets and beer bottles.

And the wetlands continued to shrink and die.

But I never said “I told you so.”


This week marks my second year as a blogger, and also my second year as a Friday Fictioneer. I ventured into blogging primarily so that I could join the weekly party at Rochelle’s place. And I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to post a story for every prompt since then – haven’t missed one. (Am I proud of myself? Yep.)

While I have been promising myself to update my about page with details of some of the writing milestones I have reached outside of this blog, and to diversify and post more non-flash fiction onto it, I haven’t done anywhere near what I would like to. However, my Friday Fiction record stands unblemished. Can I keep it up? Time will tell.

Thank you once more to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who hosts this wonderful flash fiction event, and manages to encourage every contributor, even when in the throes of meeting publication deadlines and book launching. The other 100 word stories are here.


27 thoughts on “If we build it …

    • Thank you, Sandra. I’m quite amazed myself that I haven’t missed any. Some weeks the ideas are so slow to come that I’m tempted to forget it, but so far I haven’t. It’s a great exercise in not giving up.

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    • I get worried when I hear about just how many aspects of the environment are under threat, and sometimes I despair at how persistently neglectful we are. I have very little scientific knowledge, so 100 words gives me just enough space to voice my concerns without revealing my ignorance (I hope). Thank you for your feedback, Neil. It’s appreciated.

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  1. Enjoyed your story, Margaret. I’m reminded of the song, Big Yellow Taxi and the lyric, “You take paradise, put up a parking lot.”

    Congrats on 2 years perfect attendance at FFF Academy. A lot of things come up in the course of a year that would cause us to miss a week. I always enjoy reading your posts.


    • That’s a good song. I’m glad my story brought it to mind. I’m also glad you enjoyed it. I’ve found FF a really good exercise in pushing through even when (especially when) no ideas seem to be forthcoming. And that’s often. Thank you for your lovely words, Russell. I enjoy your posts too.


  2. Wow! So true. It just sickens me when I see such debri. So very sad, the demise of our beautiful landscape by those who can’t take responsibility for themselves. So very sad. Great write.


  3. Congratulations – that is quite a record for FF.
    My nephew lives on the island of Bressay, a very short, expensive ferry ride from the main island of Shetland – the locals complain about the cost but don’t want a bridge that would spoil their unique way of life.
    Some things are best kept secret and isolated! Great tale.


    • How true. Secret, isolated and SAFE. We have a very poor track record when it comes to respecting and preserving fragile places. Thanks for the comment, and for the congratulations.


  4. Dear Margaret,

    Civilization is not without its drawbacks, is it? Well done.

    Congratulations on your milestone. I’m honored that you started your blog to participate in Friday Fictioneers. 😀




    • Civilisation is an interesting word. I’m enjoying Friday Fictioneers very much, and I’m grateful to you for keeping it functioning and interesting with your great prompt choices and your amazing ability to read and comment on stories every week. And I’m guessing there’s much more behind the scenes work, too. Thanks for all that, Rochelle, and for your kind comment, once again.

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      • A close friend once compared facilitating Friday Fictioneers to herding cats. There are times this feels true. Occasionally, someone decides to link something that doesn’t apply or has an agenda. And there have been some disputes. For the most part, it’s a labor of love and great fun. Once again, Margaret, I’m glad you’re a part of it.




    • It seems to be the fate of many vulnerable natural places. I’m glad you liked my story, and thanks for your comment and congratulations, Gabriele. My problem is, I’m going to be devastated when something comes along that stops me from posting – and it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Am I in some kind of psychological bondage to FF do you think?


    • Thank you, Erin, and welcome back. I haven’t been so good this week at answering comments promptly, or getting round to reading the other stories. It’s been my worst week ever for that, so maybe that’s what I get for patting myself on the back.


  5. Congratulations on writing a story for every post since you joined, Margaret. 🙂 This was a realistic story everyone wishes wasn’t. Some people make such a mess of what would be lovely scenery. Good writing. —- Suzanne


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