Antarctic Antics


Photo prompt courtesy of Janet Webb

I know they talk about me. They’re pathetic. Waddling, broody old birds—fluffed up and self-righteous, huddled in cackling, gossiping groups on the beach while the kids are swimming—until I arrive, and there’s an icy silence.

Well they don’t bother me. They think life’s an easy downhill glide but I know better. You take what you can get and you pebble your own nest, so to speak.

My future’s secure and my children come home to the best roost in the neighbourhood. And I’ve got their men to thank for it. Let them brood on that.


I came across some startling information while I was browsing for a story idea about pebbles and nests. I couldn’t resist. This Wikipedia article explains it all, if you’re wondering.

And just for sheer delight, have a look at this video. It doesn’t touch on the disgraceful extra-marital shenanigans explained in the above article, but it does show an example of my penguin character’s ‘pebble your own nest’ attitude. It’s the cutest thing.

 Once again, this story is for Friday Fictioneers, a flash fiction link-up hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find all the other 100 word stories here.

22 thoughts on “Antarctic Antics

  1. You’re right – that was an interesting link. 🙂 I used to have a basket of pebbles on my coffee table, but I swear I didn’t get them that way. 🙂 I loved the voice of the narrator. Well within herself, I think the northern saying goes.


  2. Heheh, that penguin video is too cute. I didn’t know that about the penguins, but knew about the bonobo sex trade. They are a lusty lot. Better to steal a pebble than throwing someone else’s eggs out, as cuckoos do, I say. Which kind of bring us back to the point. Great story, you got the tone just right. Human or bird, could be both and I perceived the waspishness from the other birds, not so much the narrator.

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    • It’s such a funny video. I’ve watched it three or four times and chuckled each time. Animal behaviour is full of surprises, isn’t it? Fascinating. I’m really happy with your comment about the tone and characters. I started out not wanting to show that they’re penguins until the end, but changed my mind and decided not to try too hard to conceal it. Thanks for your encouraging comment, Gabriele.

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