Guiding Principles


Photo prompt courtesy of Shaktiki Sharma

Beverley was in her retro phase when they married. She wanted to recreate the traditional values of a simpler time. Harold was enchanted. Then one day their laminex and steel dining suite was replaced by an ornate Queen Anne – Beverley had discovered antiques. It was all about timelessness and elegance. Harold adapted.

Next came her organic phase and handmade bowls on a splintery recycled table. Beverley sought sustainability, a natural lifestyle. Harold endured, itching in homespun clothing.

But now he was bewildered. Things were disappearing.

‘Minimalism,’ Beverly explained, studying Harold thoughtfully. ‘If it has no purpose, it goes.’


This story is for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find all the other 100 word stories written in response to this week’s prompt here.

42 thoughts on “Guiding Principles

    • I’m glad you noticed the progression (regression?). And yes, he has perhaps now become unnecessary. But Beverley’s still considering her options in this regard, I believe.Thank you for your comment, Ali.

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  1. So true in a few ways. My friend’s wife has been an antique collector and their house is just full of them. However, she has amazing interior decorating skills and those antiques make the place look absolutely stunning. Their oldest daughter (now working on her second child) is also very skilled at interior decor. Oh, and just for the record, both kept their respective husbands (who were very supportive, I might add). Nice, NICE story, Margaret!


    • Harold’s besotted, but whatever phase Beverley moves into next, I suspect Harold won’t be around to participate. She’s chucking out superfluous items and Harold’s in her sights. Thank you, Rochelle. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. This is hilarious. I can ‘see’ her sinister look. Poor Harold, so much patience for all these style changes and then that. What a great story.


  3. Poor Harold. Neither of them must be young now. She had better consider her options a little harder than usual. She’s going to end up alone in her old age, then poor her. Good writing, Margaret. ๐Ÿ™‚ — Suzanne


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