Observations from the staircase


Photo prompt courtesy of Roger Bultot

“Mark his progress, Antonio. He descends halfway and pauses, bathed to striking effect in the chandelier’s glow, adjusts a cuff, then hastens down to retrieve Isabella’s dropped fan, leaning close. She blushes. Is she the one?

“No – look! Lady Francesca faints. He rushes to escort her to a chair. He caresses her waist. She’s entranced – he has her!”

“Ha! They can’t resist!”


“Watch, Julietta. See how Isabella drops her fan, then tilts her head as he leans in, her hair brushing his cheek.

“But no! Francesca has diverted him. Observe how charmingly she swoons. She has him! Francesca is our champion tonight!”


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers this week. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this weekly flash fiction event. You can find all the 100 word stories here.

23 thoughts on “Observations from the staircase

  1. No wonder women swooned in those days. I would too if I was tightly corseted. That happened in the Pirates of the Carribean. Women always felt faint. It seems to have worked out well in this story.Good writing, Margaret. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • Ha. I think the swooning in my story was 100% fake. However, I agree that those corsets must have been unbearable. Thank goodness we can dress more comfortably these days – although I’m astounded that very high heels are back in fashion. I really thought we had freed ourselves from such things. Thanks for your nice feedback, Suzanne.


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