Coming of age

Thanks to Ted Strutz for this week’s photo prompt.

Coming of age

“Please, Daddy. Can we take him home? Look—he’s hungry. He wants to come with us, I can tell. Please. Can we?”

“No, Jimmy. We’ve been through all this. It looks harmless, but once it’s been fed and restored it will own you. It will take all your pocket money to keep it going. It will take all your time playing with it and keeping it healthy. It will get into your mind and heart until your thinking gets all twisted up.

“Jimmy, you’ll be a man soon enough. You don’t need to own this monster to prove it.”


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this weekly flash fiction event.

36 thoughts on “Coming of age

  1. True – in today’s consumerist culture we identify ourselves with the things that we own. Jimmy’s dad seems to be giving a very important message to him! Jimmy will thank him later


  2. I love the ambiguity here, Margaret. The first instinct is to envision a puppy, a pet of some sort, but oh a car! It all works there too. I love that play on our emotions, and the fact that you don’t make it entirely clear for us. Nice!


  3. So easy to anthropomorphise (did I spell that correctly?) a car. It’s almost always the first one though, you become more detached with subsequent ones. Good one, Margaret.


    • Spelling looks spot on to me, Sandra. Young men and their cars – who can figure them out? I have daughters and their early car owning years were bad enough – I’m glad those times are over. Thanks for your comment.


  4. Boy, ain’t that the truth. Connie and I bought an old “48 Ford truck last fall. I’m beginning to think it owns me. It’s costing a bundle to get it road worthy. Sometimes I think we’d have been better off to jus say “what a cool old truck” and walked on by.


  5. LOL, nice misdirection in the beginning. The car as a monster that consumes you… I wish my fellow Germans would understand that.


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