Thanks to Dale Rogerson for this week’s photo prompt.

She was fragile before it started. She shouldn’t have to go through this again. But nobody cared. They just used her and tossed her aside.

Once she’d been soft, plump and pretty. How they loved to snuggle into her enfolding embrace.

This one would finish her. Holding her breath, she sank into it, let the comfort permeate through her one last time, relishing the moist, seeping warmth, the slow, rhythmic pulsing.

But she knew what was coming. Here it was—a pause, a shift in momentum, and she was ripped to shreds.

That spin cycle is a killer.


This is my spin on the photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the link-up each week.

39 thoughts on “Ragged

    • A jumper. That’s interesting. It’s good that we speak the same language (Australian) – your comment made me recall a time when I was teaching high school and arranging to play host to an American exchange teacher. She asked me what clothes to bring to suit the weather, and I suggested she’d be fine in light weight clothes, but that she’d be wise to bring a jumper. She was quite confused, wondering what kind of school/country she was coming to with such a specific clothing requirement. Of course, for her a jumper was what I’d call a pinafore dress – a sleeveless dress to wear over a long sleeved ‘sweater’ or shirt. It all turned out well in the end, you’ll be glad to learn.

      Is my MC a jumper? Not sure. Thanks for your comment, subroto, and for sparking my little jumper memory.


  1. Blanket? Chair cover? Something that you snuggle into, anyway! An imaginative leap from a Ferris wheel to a washing machine, and super to have such a different pov for the narrator.


  2. That is a unique and clever take on the prompt. I was imagining a suicidal girl who was used but never loved. Maybe she’s overweight and too eager to be loved. Then… What? I’m imagining a beloved teddy bear. I feel bad for not only the bear but the owner.


    • I’m so glad you were picturing an unloved and rejected girl as you started reading. I was aiming for that kind of misdirection. Thank you for your comment. And don’t worry about the teddy bear – I don’t think it’s a bear anyway. I had an old towel in my mind as I wrote – much less emotive.

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      • I’m glad I could be easily duped. A towel’s a new twist. One doesn’t often think to anthropomorphize a towel. It’s actually kind of disturbing. “Here, towel, dry my butt.” “No! Please! Not again. Please! (Muffled cries of agony.)” Your story’s not as sad anymore. I’m happy for the towel who has finally found sweet Nirvana.

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