Fatal attraction

This week’s photo prompt is by Sandra Crook

We tried, but we knew the risks.

We’d talk through the night, keeping our distance, knowing the cost if our wills failed. 

I’d bring gifts – her eyes would sparkle when she saw me approach with treats for her to unwrap. She’d look at me then with such longing, and I’d melt.

I knew I couldn’t hold out forever, as did she. It was inevitable. I weakened, and it was glorious. But she is who she is.

Only moments left. I hang, ensnared in the silken web of her love, and wonder about life, death, desire and the imperative of destiny.


A very late contribution to the Friday Fictioneers link-up, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. And if you can handle a gory little slice of nature in the raw, click on this link.

Black spider isolated on white background. Vector object. : Vector Art

26 thoughts on “Fatal attraction

    • This story went through so many shifts of focus as I was working on it that I started to lose my sense of where it was going. I thought I’d just abandon it and not put anything in this week, but I didn’t want to do that. So I’m glad to read your lovely response. Many thanks, Gabriele.

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    • Thank you, Sandra. I struggled to get this one out this week, and I was hoping it would end up with some discernible theme to it. It changed direction so many times in the writing.


    • Yes they’re vicious. I learned some very interesting bits and pieces about these spiders while I was thinking about this story. Just as well the same doesn’t apply to humans. ☺️

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  1. The first line piqued my interest with its ambiguity. Love the way you built up tension in the story and ended it with the male spider’s resignation to his fate.


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