Short cut

This week’s photo prompt courtesy of Ronda del Boccio

I keep my head down and pull my coat tight as a hug. I feel their eyes on me but I don’t react. Best to pretend I don’t know, or care.

The whispers and muffled laughter are the worst. I’m not imagining them, no matter what anybody says. They echo in my mind even when I’m safely inside. It’s the same every time.

I try to ignore glimpses of tangled spikes and coiling tendrils. Look down, look ahead. Then I can’t see it.

Home at last. Avoid the mirror. I swear I’ll never let that hairdresser near me again.


This is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this flash fiction link-up.

45 thoughts on “Short cut

  1. Dear Margaret,

    I laughed out loud! Superb bait and switch story. You know what they say,..the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is two weeks. 😉 Love it.




  2. This is such fun, I laughed out loud, too. What a surprise twist, too funny. And it’s the story of my life. First thing after a haircut: shower, blowdryier, trying to fix the unfixable… 😀


    • You too? My husband dreads the days I have haircut appointments. He’s very tactful when I come home and knows not to say too much until he’s worked out how I’m feeling about it. I’m glad you got a laugh from my story, Gabriele. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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  3. This could have gone so many places, but it made me smile and that’s a nice place to land, Margaret. We’ve all been there, for sure! I forget to consider the title sometimes. Sandra used to make most of her titles another piece of the story–– cleaver use of word count, and an additional layer. Get it? Layer? Nice job!


    • Glad it made you smile, Dawn. You’re right about the importance of a good title – something I always struggle with. Yes, it’s all about the layering, isn’t it? Thanks for your encouragement.

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