Suzy’s party

Photo prompt by J. Hardy Carroll

She looked a picture: bouncy curls, gauzy pink dress.

The afternoon was a phenomenal success – the garden resounded with children’s laughter and Suzy played the hostess like an expert, welcoming guests, exclaiming at her presents, charming the parents. She excelled in the games, but was gracious to those little ones who lacked her skill.

Then the storm hit. You could feel the air change, hear the hum, but Suzy just stood there, entranced. It took only a moment to short her out, turning her curls to frizzled wisps, her frilly dress to a charred rag.

Back to the drawing board.


Thanks once again to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers. This is my contribution to this week’s link-up.

36 thoughts on “Suzy’s party

    • I think everyone would have been a bit disappointed by this outcome but Suzy’s designers are a tenacious lot. They’ll come up with a more storm resistant design next time, I’m sure.

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  1. A good story and well written, Margaret. I thought about it and decided this birthday child was too perfect to be real. A lightning strike would really mess up an AI creation. In the future, only the wealthy would be able to afford one and could just replace it if that happened. Thus “Back to the drawing board”. I wonder if the other children realized what happened. If they didn’t know, it would be traumatic for them. —- Suzanne


  2. I really wasn’t sure what happened until I read the other comments that confirmed my idea. Good job! This was so true to life that finding she was a robot was —ummm—shocking 🙂


    • I never had a talking doll – at least I can’t remember having one. The ones I remember are two ordinary, probably cheap, little plastic ones that I played with all the time, and made clothes for. Chatty Cathy sounds rather scary. Thanks for your comment, Rochelle.


    • Thanks, Susan. I was considering making Suzy an alien but she turned out to be a robot. I’m still thinking she’d have made a great alien. Maybe another story ….


  3. You’ve put a lot of imagination into this robot, especially her graciousness to younger children with less skill. I wonder if real robot designers would have that as a priority?. Your story fizzes, Margaret!


    • I think so too. I wouldn’t trade my two daughters for robots – although there have been some moments when they were teenagers that I might have believed differently 🤔.


    • Russell, haven’t you heard? Robot wives are not the going thing any more. These days they build husbands. They take out the garbage on time, never complain about home maintenance and bring their wives a nice hot cup of tea in bed every morning. A much better arrangement.


    • Glad you like it – sort of. I do agree that the idea of robots and AI in general is scary. How far will it all go? However I really love reading good novels about such things. I haven’t found any good ones for such a long time – I might have to go searching. Thanks for commenting Alicia.


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