Photo prompt by Susan Eames

He should have kept his distance. Objectivity was vital and here he was crying like a fool.

It had started so well. Joe was certain they’d realise what was happening and self-correct; surely the survival instinct was enough. He’d based the whole project on that one assumption.

“It’ll never work,” the naysayers predicted. “Trust us; we’ve been there.”

Joe took a moment to absorb the colours, the textures, the surge of the waves, the birdcalls, then tapped a code onto his screen. 

24 hours to vacate. Then start again. Next time he’d intervene before they stood on two legs.


This is my story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

50 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. Dear Joe, maybe you can save our spirits on an external harddrive before you reboot? That was great, Margaret, such a twist, made me laugh out loud.


    • That’s great, Gabriele. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And Joe’s considering your suggestion, although he suspects that ‘s where the glitch might be. I don’t think he’d risk another failure.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Clever portrait of a higher power clearly dissatisfied with how the project turned out. Nice way of bringing the tension between mankind’s and Divine/Nature’s will into our technological present, in a way we all can all understand. Wonder if He had a laptop back in Noah’s time?


  3. When we started to walk on two legs and hunt more efficiently the trouble began. Now we’re killing everything including the planet. The planet will reset in time but we won’t. Good story and well written, Margaret. —- Suzanne


  4. I’ve been saying this earth has been working its way up to a reboot… I just hope I’m gone by the time it happens!
    Good one, Margaret.


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