Have you seen this woman?

Photo prompt by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I’ve done it. I think I’ve remembered everything. I hope so – travelling with a baby’s tricky.

I pace the departure lounge. Yes, I feel guilty. I want to apologise as I try to quieten her. They’re all hoping they’re not sitting near us. I sense them whispering, but I try to ignore it. 

Five minutes before boarding I see them arrive. There’s still time. The terminal’s crowded – they can’t see me. 

I sit behind a large pillar, cover her face, pray that she’ll stop crying.

If they make it in here with that photo they’re showing around, I’m done for.


This is for Friday Fictioneers, once again. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and for this week’s photo. Click here to read all the other 100 word stories.

44 thoughts on “Have you seen this woman?

  1. Hard flying with small children. I can’t sympathise with both sides… Great capture of a real situation.

    Was the baby kidnapped? The photo part confused me a little.


    • That’s the result I was hoping for, so I’m very happy. Was she kidnapping or escaping? I had one of those in mind when I wrote, but I think I’ll leave it open – much more interesting for me that way, to see what readers think.

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  2. There’s great tension and drama here. I’m also undecided whether I want her to make it or not, depending on why she’s being wanted. But her dilemma feels so real, I can’t help but sympathize. That sentiment about people not wanting to sit close to the mother with the crying baby… I’m afraid that’s most of us. So real.


    • It’s great that you’re able to empathise with her without being sure about what she’s done. That’s one of our aims, of course, to build characters readers can connect with at some level – so I’m delighted with your response, Gabriele. And yes, having once travelled with a very troubled 3 year old on a 14 hour overnight plane trip, I know all about how it impacts on everybody.

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    • Hmm. She’s a woman in a desperate situation, but whether it’s of her own making or not – I could tell, but I think I’ll leave it up to you. 🙄 Thanks, Patrick.


  3. You are lifting someone else baby! That is cruel. May be you leave the baby on a seat and disappear. Let police find the baby and hand her over to her mother. She must be disconsolate.


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