Here is my 100 word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers link-up, hosted by Rochelle. Read the stories by other contributors here.

Photo by Ted Strutz


Chester winced at the name of the show, and smirked when she gave him a rundown of the storyline. He meant to say ‘Er, no thanks,’ when she offered him a ticket, but her eyes were so bright, her dancer’s legs so long.

He sat near an exit – planning to slip out to the bar once he’d seen enough to pad out conversation.

He wasn’t at all ready for the ocean of sound and movement that pinned him to his seat.

‘You ok?’ she asked when she joined him afterwards. ‘You look pale.’

‘Sure,’ grunted Chester. ‘Just need a moment.’


44 thoughts on “Nutcracker

  1. I never cared for musicals until I saw my first live performance. After that, I was hooked. You feel the energy from the stage.
    Great job of translating the experience to the page.


  2. Haha… poor Chester is suffering from culture shock. 😉 Love the way you showed us his lack of sophistication by mentioning his reaction to the name of the show. You’ve crafted this tale with care, and it shows. 🙂


  3. Chester sure gets himself into some situations, doesn’t he. This time he was pleasantly surprised. I’ve got to say, the ballerina looks like a beautiful machine, like looking at the brass innards of a grandfather clock. Another winning story, Margaret.


  4. Nothing beats the magic of an at least decent life performance, doesn’t it? Great build-up of Chester’s experience with his initial dismissiveness. I think there’s a new ballet fan now. Lovely story, Margaret. Also, I love the Nut Cracker.


    • It pays to keep an open mind. Lucky Chester to have stumbled into a whole new world, even though his intention wasn’t really to expand his mind. Thanks, Shirley.


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