Tower thoughts – 18 May 1536

Photo prompt by Roger Bultot

Tower thoughts – 18 May 1536

The morning sun warms my face. One last day to ready myself and I’m grieving that I must leave just as Summer approaches. Some might say I’ve basked in more than my share of sunshine. Perhaps so.

Oh yes, I have regrets—that I trusted one who had so clearly demonstrated his duplicity; that I must now submit meekly to this outrageous betrayal, for her sake.

Only she matters now. Who will protect her? Who will show my little Elizabeth how to survive in this dangerous, fickle world? 

But I must resist such thoughts. They will bring me undone.


This is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. You can read all of this week’s 100 word stories here.


I don’t often attempt to write historical fiction, although I’m fascinated by the stories behind the stories – the real motivations and attitudes behind the words and actions of people in the past; the unrecorded realities which can only be addressed in fiction.

In my own reading I’m a fan of alternative histories, stories that imagine ‘what if …?’ What if some historical event, large or small, had played out differently? What would the world be like?

If you’d like to read some background to my story this week, here’s a short article.

23 thoughts on “Tower thoughts – 18 May 1536

  1. Your tale really brings Ann Boleyn to life. Well done, Margaret.
    I like the fact that she refers to “leaving” rather than the horrible fact that her husband is having her executed. That’s one fact that would “bring her undone”.
    A clever title that connects the photo prompt with the Tower of London.


    • Do you know I didn’t even see the tower in the photo until after I’d written the story, and the title. It was the sculpture that I focused on – I saw a disembodied head and thought of Ann Boleyn. I was quite delighted to notice the tower in the background when I finally did. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

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