Natural Justice

Photo prompt courtesy of Sandra Crook

Natural Justice

Nellie settled into a corner seat, tucked her suitcase away, and wrapped her cloak against the pre-dawn chill, wincing as she felt the bruise where Annie had pinched her arm yet again.

Well, Annie could find another kitchen maid to bully now. Nellie smiled, imagining the ruckus as they discovered the fires unlit, the breakfast table not laid. 

She imagined Annie’s horror when she found her secret treasure gone from under her mattress – all the pennies filched from the master’s trouser pockets as she washed and pressed them. 

The whistle sounded, the train chugged away, and Nellie was free.


For Friday Fictioneers, kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I introduced the household Nellie’s escaping from a few weeks ago. If you’d like to revisit that story, you’ll find it here.

38 thoughts on “Natural Justice

    • Recycled – that’s a good way to put it. And perhaps the reassuring feeling comes from seeing a victim take revenge. I know there are ethical issues in that, but isn’t it good that we can sidestep some of those in fiction? Thanks, Sandra, for your lovely comment.


  1. Dear Margaret,

    I’m so happy for Nellie. I didn’t feel the least bit of sympathy for Annie. Like Ali, I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see her face in the morning. Well done.




  2. “So, we contacted your former employer who said they would not rehire you. You didn’t give two-weeks notice. You didn’t even start the fires before you left. You listed your reason for leaving as ‘Child was a nightmare.’ You don’t work well with children. I have some other interviews today. We’ll be in touch.”

    Maybe Nellie should have just fed Annie to the monster thing from my story.

    Jokes aside, good for Nellie for getting out of a bad situation. It takes strength and courage to pick up and move on.


    • Oh no – the all important reference. Nellie didn’t think about that, did she? Does your monster have a business card? Maybe Nellie could have one – she might have a need for his services in the future.


  3. It is natural justice. If Annie had been nice to Nellie, Nellie wouldn’t have left and she’d still have her hidden pilfered coins. Nellie will be able to put them to good use, glad she got away from the torment!


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