Patrick’s Theory

Photo prompt courtesy of Penny Gadd.

Patrick’s Theory

‘You can laugh, but here’s proof.’ I hated to admit he was right. 

Patrick’s experiment was working: two garden beds, one lavished with love, the other merely watered and fertilised. The difference was remarkable.

Patrick was delighted – he doted on his ‘lovelies’, stroking their branches, murmuring soft words. He spent whole nights with his arms entwined in dangling foliage, his face pressed into spongy mulch.

Enough was enough. I needed some of that affection. I stormed outside, hedge-trimmer ready, then froze. There was Patrick, delicate green fronds shooting from his fingertips, his legs furrowed, woody, rooted in soft soil.


Another story for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks once more to Rochelle for hosting the weekly link-up. You can read all the other hundred word stories here.

29 thoughts on “Patrick’s Theory

    • Patrick was obsessive, and one has to be careful about obsessions. They take hold. I’m glad you were surprised, and I like that you found echoes of The Twilight Zone in my story. Thanks so much, Suzanne.


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