Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Bio: I love to read and I love to write. I'm a little too fond of spending time inside my own head. Unfortunately, this is where my thoughts often stay. During productive times they make it onto paper and into my writing folder. This blog will provide the next step of getting them out into the world. In the real world I'm an English teacher.

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  1. I think most writers can identify with your propensity to spend time inside your head, Margaret. I suppose it’s where all those stories are born – or, at least, where they’re nurtured until they are ready to be born. If you love writing as much as I do, you’ll get your masterpiece out there one day. I waited until I retired from teaching to do mine (not that I’m calling it/them masterpiece(s). I’ve since regretted not getting statred earlier. You seem to have made a much better start than I did! Happy blogging.


    • A belated reply, Millie. In fact I’m wondering if such gross belatedness is actually unforgiveable, as you’ve probably forgotten all about leaving this comment on my ‘About’ page. I can only apologise and continue to say that I very much appreciated your comment, and I can strongly identify with your observation about not waiting until later in life to really make a start with writing. In fact, I’m of that age, too, and although I did start writing when I was young, it’s not much good if the work just stays hidden away in a drawer, is it?

      I have made a start now, as you say, and I’m so glad I have, as the rewards are wonderful. I just love actually following the writing process through to a conclusion which includes submitting work for publication and competitions. I’m gaining wonderful feedback, and pushing through with each piece until I’m really sure it’s the best I can do, whereas I wasn’t so conscientious when I knew nobody was going to read the work – in the bad old ‘back of the drawer’ days.

      Good luck with your own writing.


      • No problem with the late reply, Margaret. I’m glad you’ve got some writing off the ground. As you say, it’s a wonderful feeling to actually get something done after thinking about it for so long. Good to hear you’re having great feedback, too.
        I’m on a short ‘blogging break’ at the moment, in order to crack on with my third book – which I’m really behind with. I stopped doing flash fiction ages ago and really miss it. Once this book’s finished, I’ll dive into all that again. Have lots of fun – and, hopefully, success – with your writing.

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  2. AnElephantCant forget Lake McQuarie
    He visits it some years ago quite by chance
    Alas and alack
    He doesn’t know when he comes back
    But if he does he asks Margaret for the next dance


    • Hello Elephant.

      Right now I’m in a spate of writing very overdue replies to comments on my ‘About’ page. If you think it’s all just too long ago to bother about, please feel free to totally ignore this reply. However, I was touched that you took the trouble to leave a comment, and in fact I wrote a little limerick as a reply, but left it sitting in a file, unloved and unposted.

      I’m interested that you’ve been to my neck of the woods (or lake), and I read in one of your comments elsewhere that you’ve got a son in Australia too, so perhaps that’s why you’ve visited here. I think it’s paradise, but I’m biased.

      If you visit again, I’ll be sure to reserve a dance. (As long as my husband gives the nod).

      So, at risk of offending a well-seasoned, world-travelling elephant, and a master of the rhyming form, here’s my little poem:

      can AnElephant travel by air?
      everyone, surely, would stare
      as he squeezed down the aisle –
      you’ll pardon my smile –
      really, he should be charged triple fare.



    • Thank you for commenting. I’m happy to say that this blog, and Friday Fictioneers in particular, has given me the discipline and motivation I needed to get more of those thoughts onto the page. It’s very nice to meet you, too.

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  3. Congratulations Margaret. I really liked your story. Kristen Mair, of the Lake Macquarie branch, Fellowship of Australian Writers was listed 4th. Pam Garfoot , also from our group, was short-listed.

    I know that you contacted our group about 2013. We would love to see you again. We have changed our meeting location to avoid the parking problems we used to experience at the Multi Purpose Centre. From 13th Feb (our next meeting), we will be meeting at the Toronto Library at 1.30. For that meeting, Anthony Scully of ABC Local Radio will be our guest, leading us in writing the 500 word true stories he publishes on the ABC website. Last year he also recorded five of us reading our own stories. We’d love to have you come along. Park on the fifth level of Woolworth’s car park (Under cover) and walk across the over-bridge. Go to the second lot of library doors off the balcony. For any further enquiries, see lakemacfaw2@gmail.com
    Cheers, Jan Mitchell


    • Thank you for your congratulations, Jan. I was thrilled to win the Herald short story competition. And congratulations to Kristen and Pam, too. I’m planning to come along to the meeting in Toronto, as you mention. Thank you for contacting me about this.


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