Copyright – Roger Bultot

On Friday morning the Arson Squad called Ralph. They were stumped, and Ralph had connections.

Ralph was already onto it. He’d heard rumours; the boys were nervous. Big Cal’s was the second lab torched – just like Georgio’s last month. Was there a new player in town?

That night Ralph dreamed, woke in a sweat. It wasn’t the nymphs, wafting about in transparent gauzy stuff; it wasn’t the voice, big as thunder: ‘For the good of humankind’. It was what he saw.

Next morning, in the hills, he found Cal’s body. The chains were herculean, the rock blood-red. Overhead, an eagle hovered.


This week, for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers, Ralph is back for his third visit, and again he encounters something beyond rational explanation. I’ve taken liberties with the legend. Click on the picture below to read it. In Ralph’s universe, our benefactor, the giver of fire to mankind, is still around, looking after the human race by taking out the villains – in his own way.

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Prometheus – 1909 – Otto Greiner