A view to the future

Copyright - Bjorn B. Rudberg

Copyright – Bjorn Rudberg

‘It’s the stairway of destiny,’ all the kids said. Stephanie was sceptical, being a practical, no-nonsense sort of girl, qualities which sustained her as her crazy mother dragged her from town to town, following each new boyfriend. Stephanie found little comfort in childhood distractions.

‘Just climb up, and you’ll see your future,’ they said.

‘Nonsense,’ said Stephanie; but she did it, just to prove the point.

From the highest step she looked out over the trees and saw, with a gasp, her house. She watched, as her mother and the latest boyfriend loaded suitcases into the car and drove away.


This is for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly flash fiction challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Writers post 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt.

28 thoughts on “A view to the future

    • Stephanie’s sure suffered because of the sins of her mother – you’re right. This week’s prompt has produced an abundance of good stories, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of overlap this time, which is good. I’m glad you think mine is a good fit. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Oh dear, poor girl. Looks like Stephanie might be on her own from now on. I think her mother’s treatment of her thus far has toughened her up though. Hopefully she’ll be okay.


  2. Marg, Poor child. I hope there’s another family member who’ll take her in. She deserves a better life than the one she’s been living. Something tells me the mother’s going to suffer for this behavior in the future. Good and well-written story. Happy Holidays! — Suzanne


    • Thank you for your nice comment, Suzanne. Some children do get a rough deal. I’d like to think Stephanie will learn from her childhood experiences, and not follow her mother’s example.


  3. I like the idea of the stairway to the future, but don’t like the sad fate here. Poor girl. This is when I throw up my hands and say, “Life isn’t fair!” Great story for the prompt, Margaret.


    • It’s a very appealing stairway. I know the feeling of wanting to make a story idea work and just not being able to find the way. Most frustrating. Thank you for reading and responding.


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