A matter of principle

This is another 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

This week’s photo prompt is by C E Ayr, with thanks.

They’ve only got themselves to blame.

If I curl up everywhere except in the poxy kitty bed I’m supposed to love, that’s their fault.

If I yowl under their bedroom window every night; if I deposit half-chewed carcasses of their favourite backyard birds on the doorstep; if I scratch their woodwork, dig up their petunias, poo on the carpet—it’s their fault.

I could have given them so much—snuggled, purred, gazed devotedly.

I’d have put up with almost any indignity.  

But not what they did.

They called me Mouse. They thought it was cute—thought I wouldn’t understand.


Let me admit straight up that I know very little about cats. I’ve been friends with quite a few dogs during my life, and I’m of the opinion that one knows where one stands with a dog. My cat owning friends might extol their puss’s affection, devotion and loyalty, but I’m not convinced. Just look into the watchful, yellow-green eyes of any cat and tell me it’s not plotting something devious.

42 thoughts on “A matter of principle

  1. Oh dear. They could still rename her if only she could tell… 🙂
    They do indeed plot, but with my cat and my dog I don’t see much of a difference. They know exactly how to get what they want from me.


    • I agree with you there about dogs, having had several. They just have to look at me the right way and I melt. I’m glad to learn that my pussycat prejudice is misguided–deep down I knew it was. I’ll try to reform.

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  2. I am a dog person too, but having looked after a cat while it’s slaves were away, made me change my opinion a bit. Still not a fan of getting possums and birds as gifts.


    • I don’t think anyone I know would trust me to look after a cat. I’ve never lived with one, but I do make a point of speaking kindly to them when it can’t be avoided. Possums and birds! Oh dear.


  3. My cat was a rescue cat called Princess. She’s never forgiven me for changing that to Sophie, and yes, everything is my fault. Nicely captured, Margaret.


  4. Great story, and you’re wrong about cats – they don’t do the doggy devotion act unless they mean it. So you do actually know where you are with them. They’re your friend if they choose to be – the right sort of friend in my book!


    • Aha. That’s good to know. I really do have an open mind about the matter, and I think animals in general are just lovely. So thank you for enlightening me, and for your kind comment about my story.


  5. Excellent story; it was extremely unwise to name the cat ‘Mouse’. However, the cat is – as all cats are – an out-and-out liar. He would have behaved badly whatever they’d called him!
    I love my cats, but I’m under no illusions about their probity! And, yes, they do know their names and a good deal more words besides!


    • Liars, eh? I’ll add that to my store of knowledge about cats, which has been growing as a result of all the lovely responses to this story. Thank you for yours.


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